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Team GazabPandit

Yuvraj Vyas

Yuvraj Vyas founded GazabPandit in order to make the public aware of relevant information with a specific point of view for each topic handled by the team behind the website. A competent journalist, he has a distinguished portfolio and a mastery of research, analysis and content writing. Having a good knowledge of the technology arena, Andy writes mostly technical news, but he also likes to cover all types of newsletters.


Hitesh is an experienced freelance journalist. He worked as a journalist for some print magazines online for about three years. It brings together important newsletters from Technology and the United States. He joined the GazabPandit team for leading the website. He enjoys spending a lot of time with his family.


Hilaire is one of the oldest contributors to GazabPandit. She has a unique perspective on business and technology. It aims to give readers the means to disseminate well-written information and, more importantly, it always tries to inform them more quickly. In addition to being an online journalist, she loves shopping. she can go shopping all day without being bored or tired.

Pradhyumna Vyas

Pradhyumna Vyas is new to online journalism but she is eager to learn. She holds an MBA from a reputed university. It brings together relevant news from various industries. She likes to share brief updates. She is always looking for interesting news so she can share it with Mapdow readers who can enjoy it with their morning coffee.

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